The world is dying. A single megacorporation, Lazarus, functions as the de facto government of the Planet, utilising advanced technology to harvest the very essence of the world. This life force is known simply as Lifeblood; an incorporeal river of life that courses through the Planet. All living creatures take from the Lifeblood when they are born, and return to the Lifeblood when they die; but with them they take their memory and experience, allowing the Planet to grow as the cycle continues. However, the Lifeblood is beginning to dwindle as Lazarus extracts the spiritual course and converts it into a physical form, Aether. Aether is used primarily as a source of electricity, but is also used as a basis for weaponry, robotics, vehicles, soldier-enhancement, and most importantly, Etheria.

Recently a small rebel group fighting for the cause of the Planet, called Bastion, has emerged from the slums of Ragnos, the decaying city where Lazarus Headquarters is located, to put an end to Aether extraction in hopes of saving the Planet from inevitable demise.

Lazarus Rising: Dawn